Thursday, February 17, 2011

Liverpool vs Sparta Prague: Europa League

Liverpool make only their 2nd ever trip to the Czech Republic for Thursday's Europa League Round of 32 1st leg match against Sparta Prague. European action is back in the world of football and it serves to remind the Reds what they’re fighting for - the Champions League. Enough about the League table for now. The Reds are coming off a six-game unbeaten streak with a four-game win streak in the middle and have only conceded three goals in all six games, while scoring 10.

Steven Gerrard should be fit to take on Sparta Prague after missing out against Wigan
Starting lineup like Joe Cole who has not played since he scored the winner against Bolton before the New Year and was even sent to the reserves as well as Milan Jovanovic, David N’Gog and Danny Wilson. This would allow players like Dirk Kuyt, who has played tirelessly all season, and man of the moment Raul Meireles.

Luis Suarez may be given a bit of a rest in the away leg but should make an appearance off the bench.

Because the return leg is at Anfield, Prague cannot really afford to sit back and try to hold Liverpool to a 0-0 draw Thursday. The Reds should also have everyone available to put out a three-man back line and have Gerrard back in the midfield dictating play, so it could turn out to be an exciting match with plenty of attacking play. Liverpool should be expected to make it at least to the semifinals of the competition like last season and have a very good chance of going all the way to the final in Dublin.

Possible Statrting IV: Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Kyriagkos, Skrtel, Johnson, Lucas, Poulson, Gerrard, Kuyt, Ngog

Bench: Gulasci, Agger, Aurelio, Meireles, Suarez, Jovanovic, Maxi

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i miss you



1 AA 02JUN TH DSMDFW HK2 1155A 155P

2 AA 02JUN TH DFWIAH HK2 240P 340P

3 SQ 02JUN TH IAHSIN HK2 530P 545A(4JUN)

4*SQ 04JUN SA SINKUL HK2 710A 805A

5*SQ 17AUG WE KULSIN HK2 1045P 1140P

6 SQ 18AUG TH SINIAH HK2 230A 205P

7*CO 18AUG TH IAHDSM HK2 810P 1015P

Monday, February 14, 2011


eh2..dah nk masuk spring ke? cam awal je plak kn tahun ni punye spring..hehe
yang bestnye, dak2 ni sume da x sabar nk maen bola padang..ak pun skali terketar2 kaki ni :)
sume nk bertungkus lumus mereadykan diri nk maen midwest..

"x kire doo. nk menang jugak kali ni..."

nnti ak update lagi, anep ngan arep ajak g subway lak..:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

kan ak da ckp kt ko, ko xnk caye..

semua mende y berlaku msti ad sebab kn..
so jgn la slalu nk amek certain msalah tu dr sudut negative jee
even mende tu negative pun, still ad "positivenye" somewhere
 just buat y ape kite mampu, dgn usaha yang terbaekkk ~~
tp klo x dpt, jgn lah down sgt2
mmg kite akan kecewa, tp still byk mende y kite boleh capai kn
setiap org kn ad takdir masing2
Allah tau apa y tebaekkk utk kite
jgn putus asa. jgn putus asa and dont give up!

mak ak penah ckp, "man, g beli telur sepuluh bijik kt kedai minah"

so, jgn putus asa k!!

:) :) :) :)

td kt gilman, ak buat snowman dlm mase 2 minit..hahaha
before g smayang jumaat, ngan ayoot, aizat, ahmad n gborn..hehe
ni ha hasilnye..cuteeee, mcm arnab antartika :p

lagi 3 bulan lebey ak nk balik malaysia
aku giler2 rindu everything y ak rindu..heeee~

nnti update lagii, da ngantuk, nk tido
good nyte :)


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